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The Captain's Classroom

Created with the passion for teaching, Captain Kelly J. Gordon brings you, "The Captain's Classroom," a series of educational videos focused on the yachting industry. As a former college professor, Captain Kelly brings that teaching experience to all levels of yacht crew. 

With more 'basic' videos like Using Dock Lines to a Part 1 & Part 2 series for Coming On & Off Tow when using a Tender, these educational videos are here to give you the yacht crew more information and knowledge for your day to day job. 

If YOU have a question or topic that you want to see us create Captain's Classroom videos for then please fill out our form at the bottom of this page! We look forward to hearing from you!

The Captain's Classroom: Sea Agreement

Before you step foot on a boat to work you better have a signed contract agreement between you and the owner / management company. This kind of sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised on how many situations I hear where yachties screw themselves by either not fully reading their contract or even worse not having a contract at all‼️

The Captain's Classroom: Stop being so Dumb with Your Money

You’ve heard me go on this tangent before! I feel like Dave Ramsey with this money advice here. But seriously, you guys! This industry provides a great opportunity to build a solid nest egg for yourself.

The Captain's Classroom: Weather Apps

Y’all know I GEEK out about weather. As a mariner, weather is a crucial aspect of our careers! Not giving the right attention to the forecast can literally be life or death. So, how do I keep track of the ever changing weather and forecasts out there? Well, I have some weather apps on my phone that I just love and check religiously! 

The Captain's Classroom: Crappy Crew Members

This one is for the Captain’s out there! We all hear the stories. . . “My Captain did this to me!” OR “My Captain yelled at me!” And even “My Captain is always in a bad mood!” 

The Captain's Classroom: Size does NOT Matter

I shit you not, I had this brought up to me last week at the Monaco Yacht Show. A Captain had reached back out to me about someone I recommended they interview for an open position - what I heard from this Captain was troubling and just flat out sad

The Captain's Classroom: Is Yachting like Below Deck?

Trust me! I used to be one of those people who said yachting is NOTHING like what you see on a reality television show. But, the truth of the matter is, it is like Below Deck! Now, like I have a few CRUCIAL points to make here. So, watch the video to hear those points I make.

The Captain's Classroom: CV's and Interviews

First and foremost, clean up your dang CV. What do I mean by this⁉️  Check for Grammatical and Spelling Errors. Align your Formatting and Spacing. Add a Professional Headshot. I want to see as many people break into this amazing industry that can! But, it’s ultimately up to YOU to put your best face forward!

The Captain’s Classroom: Save Your Money💰

The way I see young people and greenies spend their money astonishes me. I get it, believe me, I do! We are immersed in a lifestyle of glitz, glamour and luxury. But, newsflash people, we are NOT the BILLIONAIRES who own these vessels.

The Captain’s Classroom: Check the Weather ⚡️💨

One of if not the most important jobs of being a mariner is checking the weather! The last thing you want is to be stranded or something even worse because you didn’t think to check the weather. 

The Captain's Classroom: M/Y Freddy Yard Period | Engineered Yacht Solutions Sponsored Video*

Let’s talk about Yard Period! We do yard period at least once a year. Here are a few reasons why! To do regular maintenance and any other maintenance we may need to do. Fresh Coat of Bottom Paint. Changing our Zincs and so much more!

The Captain’s Classroom: 2022 Look Back 👩‍✈️ 🛥️

If you would’ve told me a year and half ago I’d be making Educational Yachting videos almost weekly. . . I would’ve laughed till the cows came home! (some good ole Midwest humor for ya there)

The Captain's Classroom: How do I get Started in the Yachting Industry?

One of the first things you must do is get your Basic Safety Training out of the way - most if not all boats are going to want you to have this completed. Next is your related skills or experiences that you can apply to the yachting industry! For example, were you ever a bartender or house keeper?

Recommended Vendors | Engineered Yacht Solutions

The EYS quality of work, the EYS timeliness on deadlines, and the EYS customer service is a model all marine vendors should take on!

The Captain's Classroom: Basic Safety Training - Fire Training

Did you know that before you step foot onto a yacht as a crew member most will want you to have completed a Basic Safety Training course! So, what are some of the things we cover in that course? Well, one of them is FIRE TRAINING.

The Captain’s Classroom: Paper Charts

Understanding Paper Charts is a HUGELY IMPORTANT part of what it means to be a Captain. Do not under value or underestimate what it means to know how to navigate via paper chart and having back ups to your backups!

The Captain's Classroom: Gadgets & Gizmos from the Engineering Department

One of the best pieces of advice I ever received from my mentor was to make sure you know a little about every department, and ENGINEERING was definitely at the top of the list. Knowing how your vessel operates goes far beyond navigation and maneuvering skills.

The Captain's Classroom: Helm Time

Providing helm time for up and coming captains is something that I am hugely passionate about! If I wasn't given the opportunities and helm time that I had in the past from previous owners and captains then I would not be where I am today!

The Captain's Classroom: Using Dock Lines

How you manage your dock lines is essential when dealing with changing tides. Let’s put it this way, you do not want to be running out and readjusting lines all the time.

The Captain's Classroom: How many crew does it take to run M/Y Freddy

How many and what kind of crew do we have to run M/Y Freddy 🛥 First off, is myself, the Captain! I am in charge of the whole vessel, but it’s really the team that keeps it going with each individual bringing a specific set of skills to the boat!

The Captain's Classroom: 3 Common Boat Knots

According the Ashley Book of Knots and Maritime Professional Training's Deck General resource, there are several knots one should know as a mariner and of these I would like to discuss 3 - the clove hitch, sheet bend, and bowline. So, dive into my next classroom video and learn these knots the hitches and bends from my First Officer Shawn!

The Captain's Classroom: M/Y Freddy Wax Project

Waxing is the best way to ensure that your paint job lasts a long time, and it protects the gelcoat from oxidation caused by harsh UV rays and environmental exposure over time. It also protects the hull from corrosive salt and other water contaminants.

The Captain's Classroom: Coming off Tow

Coming on and off Tow can be a dangerous maneuver. The tender can bump the boat, fingers can get in the way, the transition from tender to swim platform can be tricky if the seas are bouncy, and if you get caught in the tow line, you can be pulled in the water or injured.

The Captain's Classroom: Coming on Tow

Coming on and off tow is one of the more common tasks that motor yachts engage in. But, that’s not to say that the maneuver is to be done without considerable communication and caution.

The Captain's Classroom: Docking Procedure

Learn about docking procedures onboard a yacht! It takes a lot of communication, proficient crew, and and great deal of trust in them to safely dock a 106ft yacht! Watch and learn how this is done in this video.

The Captain's Classroom: Pre-departure Checklist - Engine Room

Before heading out to sea, my mate Shawn Riera always makes sure to check the fluid levels on the generators and main engines along with a host of many, many other pre-departure checklist items. Tune in to hear about a few of the more important items on that list!

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