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From Land to Sea: Captain Kelly Gordon's Inspiring Journey in the Yachting Industry

Have you ever wondered how a farm girl from Indiana became a mentor and a highly influential figure in yachting? We’re talking about Capt. Kelly Gordon, our guest on this episode of the Megayacht News Radio podcast series. Despite Gordon’s atypical background, her life journey took a remarkable turn, allowing her to find her passion on the water.

Raised on a farm, Gordon had always planned to become a veterinarian. However, due to financial constraints, she couldn’t afford to go to veterinary school. This led her to get a master’s degree in chemistry and eventually teach at a college in North Carolina. There, on the coast, she first discovered her love for the water and the allure of the yachting industry. Despite not knowing the basics of boating, she was drawn to the complexities and challenges of yachting. Interestingly, she finds parallels between it and operating heavy machinery on the farm.

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