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How Curiosity Can Give Us Confidence with Female Yacht Captain Kelly Gordon - Badass Womens Council

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

What happens when we allow ourselves to be curious? We challenge our current way of thinking and learn more about ourselves. Our curiosity drives us to step out into something we’ve never done before and just figure it out. It’s this act of figuring it out that gives us confidence. Once we start to evoke that sense of confidence in ourselves, others start to have more confidence in us.

In this week’s episode, we will listen to Kelly Gordon — the captain of a 75-foot motor yacht — as she tells us the story of how she followed her curiosity and had the sheer confidence to just “figure it out.” In her conversation with Rebecca, Kelly talks about her journey of becoming one of the few female captains in the boating industry, and her success in maneuvering a yacht with a female crew. She shares her deep desire to learn, and how she had the confidence to try something new.

Listen in to learn more about how Kelly had the confidence to follow her own curiosity, and the importance of searching and exploring throughout your career.



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