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Meet Kelly Gordon - yacht captain set to inspire the younger generations

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Kelly Gordon is a superyacht captain and a passionate yacht crew mentor who followed her curiosity and pushed herself to 'go for it'!

Kelly is one of those captains that make you excited to be a part of the industry since her positivity makes you believe that anything is possible. After all, she herself has had the most interesting path that ended with her becoming a yacht captain. Born and raised in central Indiana, Kelly first worked as a chemistry professor before discovering yachting and working up to getting her Master 500GT licence.

Maybe it's the role of a professor that set Captian Kelly out to teach and mentor her crew, making her well known for inspiring the younger generations. So much so that she has been featured in world class publications such as Business Insider and Forbes that have praised her for her unique abilities.

We have had the pleasure of connecting with Captain Kelly to chat with her about her career, things that guide her in her job and tip&tricks she's learned along the way.


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