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PYA WEBINAR | Women In Yachting

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Rather than focusing on the challenges women may face in the industry, we highlight the amazing opportunities available and how women can achieve both their professional and personal goals within the Superyacht sector. We have therefore selected industry professionals who we feel can give sound advice as to how entrants into the industry can get started and have selected a representative from different aspects of the industry, from the interior crew, to Pursers and Captains to answer questions about how each participant achieved their own goals in the industry and how women the world over can do the same.

Here we list all the Panelists, links that they have mentioned within the webinar, and a way to contact them if you have any questions whatsoever.

Panelists: - Lynne Edwards (Interior) For any information regarding Insight and Management and Leadership courses as well as GUEST accredited technical courses.

All details found on the website:

For information about the GUEST program (Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training) accredited by Iami (International Association of Maritime Institutions) A career path for interior crew from beginners to Pursers. For PYA related matters:

- Dominique Smit (Purser)

- Chandre Robinson (Start Yachting) If you would like assistance with your online presence, I would highly recommend that they sign up to the workshop : - It's NOT a 'done-for-you' CV service/ those are unnecessary/not recommended and way over-priced! - It is a complete walkthrough of how to write your CV from an agent-approved template, Cover letter, personal website, how to share your data, what data to share and what NOT to share, social media set up, THE WORKS.) Also, if you would like to know everything about getting in as well as get your hands on some really awesome tools, resources and trainings to better equip them, then they can always sign up to the Masterclass:​ Included in that is my 24/hr mentorship and support as well as a few other bonuses.

- Kelly Gordon (Captain)

- Emily Coates (First Mate)

The requirements for becoming a Deck Officer and Master:​

Contact the PYA today by heading over to their website at to find out all the services offered by the PYA and how to become a member!



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