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The chemistry of yachting

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Captain Kelly Gordon is helping reshape superyachting. Here, she shares how setting foot on a yacht for the first time changed her life, how mentorships make a difference, and why owners and the industry need to better understand crew mental health.

Written by Diane M Byrne

Earning her the respect of fellow superyacht captains, crew members and yachting industry professionals, Captain Kelly Gordon’s leadership approach, her love for her job and her desire to shine a light on crew mental health have also earned her thousands of social media followers.

She posts short, informative videos as part of The Captain’s Classroom, covering all things yachting.

With previous experience at the helm of vessels including Freddy, Corporate Retreat and Everest, Captain Kelly Gordon is currently skippering the 108-foot Pershing motor yacht Andiamo II.

She’s also forging a path as one of very few female yacht captains in the industry. And yet, she says candidly, “I didn’t come into the industry slinging elbows with a point to prove – I just wanted to be a captain.”



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